Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nathaniel Jackson

On Thursday, native & long time Ocracoke resident, Nathaniel Jackson, was laid to rest on the island. Nathaniel had spent a number of his younger years working as a fisherman and crabber. Later on he turned to carpentry. In the 1970s & 1980s Nathaniel purchased a back hoe and other heavy equipment, and began installing septic systems. He also looked after rental properties for off-island owners before realtors became established on Ocracoke. Many long-time visitors to the island will remember Nathaniel and his delight in sharing island stories. He embraced everyone, from native islanders to new residents to first time visitors. It was as if Nathaniel had never met a stranger. Although he suffered from numerous health problems in his last few years, Nathaniel never lost his quirky personality or his sense of humor. We all will miss another of our "old-time O'cockers."

Some of our readers may want to share their stories of Nathaniel. I believe that anyone who ever met Nathaniel has at least one good story to tell. Just click on the "comments" link below.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter tells about island customs relating to death & dying. You can read the newsletter here.

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  1. Anonymous12:03 AM

    My heart breaks upon learning Nat has passed, but I can just see him at God's knee telling Him stories, just as he did on his porch off British Cemetary Road.
    He was a great source of Island lore to my teenaged son, who still has a treasured photograph Nat gave him of a huge shark caught off the beach. Very cool stuff for a youngster and a sweetheart of a man. May he rest in peace, he'll most surely be missed. SSD