Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Where Are the Dolphins?

I gazed out over the water yesterday afternoon. Only low languid waves nudged the wide sandy beach. Mostly the surface of the water was smooth and calm. What a perfect day for swimming, actually swimming in the ocean, I thought. If only it wasn't so cold. With temperatures hovering right around freezing all day I decided it was prudent just to walk and enjoy the sunshine. For the better part of an hour I walked....and looked out toward the horizon. Normally, on a calm wintry day it is unusual not to see dolphins breaking the surface just beyond the breakers. But yesterday none were to be seen. I have no reason to suspect anything dire. But it was curious. Last evening David told me that at least one person saw dolphins off shore yesterday. I suppose I'll just have to go back out there later today and have a look one more time.

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