Thursday, March 15, 2007

Antics on the "Slough"

My husband Frank and I live on a creek called the "Old Slough". It's very low this time of year. It's tidal but the prevailing winds in the spring seem to keep the tidal flow minimal. (that's a guess) Having been built long ago, our house sits close to the creek but up high. We are in the unique position of being able to observe from our deck, the behavior of the wonderful creatures who live there and some who are merely passing through. We can observe without being noticed unless we wish to interact. The turtles are still hibernating but the Mallards wake us every morning at daybreak calling for their corn. Then there are the antics of three Canada Geese, real clowns, who are back for the fifth season to mate and raise their babies in our yard (yes, I said three, don't ask....I don't know). And, very special this spring is a pair of Wooducks, initially very fearful but now gaining confidence to come near and eat. They are incredibly beautiful! Mix these with Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Dudley the Rooster and his hen, our ten cats, Pungo the dog nextdoor and our Corgi Willie, all getting along and making us laugh with their antics and well I hope you get the picture. It's a nice one.

Posted by Jude

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter tells about island customs relating to death & dying. You can read the newsletter here.

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