Monday, March 26, 2007

Up the Beach

To most of you running out to the store to pick up a little something is no big deal. Just hop in the car, do the errand and you're back shortly. A trip to the doctor or dentist to the grocery store or to pick up plants at a nursery is rather common place. But to us who live on Ocracoke a trip to anywhere beyond the Variety Store takes planning. Shall we leave on the 6 or 7Am ferry? Who can we get to watch to dog? Will the Orange Blossom be out of Apple Uglies by the time we get there? Shall we have fast food for lunch or no lunch and try a new restaurant for dinner? In any case a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken is always on the backseat on the trip home. It's two hours to Nags Head including the ferry ride and of course two hours home. There's four hours gone and we haven't even left yet! We always inform friends and neighbors that we're going and ask if there's anything we can pick up for them. Our trip usually turns into an adventure and we get back home late, happy,poorer and exhausted from.........up the beach.

(Posted by Jude)

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