Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Rollercoaster

I have always loved the changes in the seasons but must admit the older I get the more I realize I could skip winter and be happy. Last Saturday was glorious. I was out working in the yard in the warm sun. Sweeeeet! Sunday the wind blew a gale from the north and it was cold as stone..again. Today, it's 70 degrees.. again! Up and down, up and down - the spring rollercoaster begins. But--- it's 70 TODAY and that's good. I think I'll go outside for lunch and soak up some of the warmth before..........

(Posted by Jude)

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter tells about island customs relating to death & dying. You can read the newsletter here.

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  1. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Less than two weeks ago there was snow along the Blue Ridge Parkway and today it is 68 degrees here. And you think you are YOU are ready for spring?!


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