Friday, October 12, 2007

Blue Heron Realty

Island native, Jennifer Esham, has established a new realty on Ocracoke Island. She specializes in vacation rentals and asked me to let you know about her recent venture. Her web site is

This is how she describes Blue Heron Realty (I think she expresses many of our concerns about preserving the island's unique traditions, culture, and values):

"Blue Heron Realty invites you to vacation in one or our Ocracoke Island rentals. We take great pride in our island home, this one-of-a-kind place on the North Carolina Outer Banks, known for the incomparable beauty of its land- and seascapes-- and for the wonderful people who call it home.

My goal for Blue Heron Realty is to offer an Ocracoke vacation rental service that matches the island itself – a company founded on the island’s traditions of hard work, friendliness, in going the extra mile and keeping things simple.

You won't find national hotel and motel chains and the "usual suspect" fast food restaurants on Ocracoke Island. Yes, Ocracoke will grow and change, shifting like the tides. Still, we all want it to hold on to the values and customs that make it unique. I hope you will enjoy your vacation rental on our Ocracoke. Leave your footprints in the sand and take away with you enough happy memories to last a lifetime (and plenty of seashells too!).

Have a wonderful stay!

Jennifer Esham"

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  1. wow nice post to go,i feel very comfortable to stay in Alpine Peaks restaurant now i like to take my whole family in my next holidays

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