Sunday, October 28, 2007


On Friday the heavens let loose and inundated Ocracoke with about six inches of rain. We needed the rain, like so many other places on the east coast, but it drowned out the annual school spook walk on Howard Street. It was a disappointment. Not only is the spook walk lots of fun....and many people had put hours and hours of work into the project....but it is also a big money maker for the school PTA. Haven't heard yet if it will happen on another date.

The rain left huge deep puddles all over the village -- on roads, in yards, nearly everywhere one looked. But the island is drying out today. Lachlan enjoyed one big muddy pond this morning, stomping back and forth, eventually splashing above his butter-colored boots and soaking his trousers. That's all it took. In minutes his boots and pants were lying in the mud and he was tromping through the muddy water again, this time in his bare feet.

I've got a CD of folk school photos. If I get a few spare minutes tomorrow or in the next several days I'll upload three or four so you can see some of what made this last week so memorable.

Our latest monthly newsletter is Lou Ann's story of commercial clamming with 13 year old Morty. You can read it here.

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