Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catching Up

Sorry for the two-day hiatus from the journal. This weekend Ocracoke welcomed the Howard family reunion. My brother was here, along with close and distant cousins. In addition to registration, a picnic, and dinner we enjoyed sharing stories, listening to good music, dancing the traditional island square dance, and even watching an accomplished belly dancer (one of our mainland Howard kin).

At the same time, NCCAT (the NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching) hosted an open house, shrimp dinner, and community cookout this weekend. Their new facility, the renovated Coast Guard Station, is simply wonderful. Conference and seminar rooms, dormitory rooms (each with private bath), reception area, open deck, and dining room are all beautiful and of the highest quality. The view from the lookout tower was a highlight of everyone's visit. We welcome NCCAT to our community.

In just a few minutes I will be meeting our first students for the new Ocrafolk School. Right now I'd better get a shower and then bike out to the Pony Island Restaurant.

After dinner I'll be leading a Ghost & History Walk for several British journalists.

More on the Ocrafolk School later this week.

Our latest monthly newsletter is Lou Ann's story of commercial clamming with 13 year old Morty. You can read it here.

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