Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fish & Crabs

Amy, Lachlan, & I joined my son and his children yesterday for an afternoon swimming in the Sound. The water was so warm and inviting, and the bottom, sandy. We had the best time. With goggles we peered underwater looking for small fish. They were all around us, but we hadn't brought a net, so we never could catch any.

Later on the two bigger kids wandered over to the rock jetty where they entertained themselves looking for and picking up hermit crabs. They came in all sizes. The children would set them down at the edge of the water and watch them crawl back to be with the rest of their kind. It provided many minutes of fun.

At the end of the afternoon we hurried through the woods, swatting mosquitoes. The children decided that they wanted to go to the ocean beach again before supper. I just stayed home and took a little rest.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is "One Reason to NOT Move to Ocracoke." You can read it here.

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