Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ocracoke Newsletter

We've published another one of our monthly Ocracoke Newsletters. This month's article is entitled "One Reason to NOT move to Ocracoke." You can read it here.


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  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    You have a wonderful way with words. You also have a way of making me love Ocracoke more each time I read your posts.

    I wish the rest of the world could learn a lesson or two from the Ocracoke way of life. If we gave up some of our creature comforts, dropped some of our bureaucratic ways of thinking and started treating our neighbors as friends we would indeed be a great country once again. If only the world could be modeled after tiny Ocracoke Island.

    I loved reading your article. Yet, I still want to live there!

    Thanks Mr. Howard!


  3. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Ahh, the yelling bureaucrat. You've got to hope there's a special place in the hereafter for folks like that--maybe an anti-Ocracoke. Where in PA were you born, Philip? Perhaps your life in a nutshell could be the subject of a future newsletter for all your loayl readers.

  4. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Your last paragraph is so priceless, I loved it. I hope you don't mind, I quoted you on my blog (with proper credit of course!) Your whole blog is just so refreshing to read, thanks for all of your wonderful posts!