Monday, January 19, 2009


Have you ever been invited out to dinner, and when you sat down the table was covered with newspapers, there were no dishes, and you were expected to eat with your hands? If you live on the coast maybe you've had this wonderful experience.

I arrived right at 6 o'clock. Another couple were right behind me. After wine and/or dark beer, and hors d'oeuvres (crackers, goat cheese, & chutney) we spread an old vinyl tablecloth on the table and covered it with newspapers. Next came cookie trays piled with steaming oysters fresh out of the oven. They were barely cracked open, just the way I like them. Saltines were laid out on the table, along with bowls of homemade cocktail sauce (with a touch of horseradish). Oh yes, I brought a plate of deviled eggs. We dug in with our knives, plucked the succulent oysters from their shells, dipped them in sauce, spread them on crackers, and savored the taste of those fresh Pamlico Sound oysters. Juice soaked into the newspapers and the shells were tossed into plastic buckets on the floor.

The other guests had brought a southern pineapple chess pie, which we enjoyed along with freshly made oatmeal cookies and coffee after we had had our fill of oysters. I was ready to slide under the table, but we sat there for another hour and a half chatting, telling stories, and laughing.

Ah....coastal living at its best!

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  1. You wouldn't believe how bad I'd like to be on Ocracoke right now. I'm here at my home in the beautiful West Virginia mountians. The temperature here is 20 degrees F. and there's 6inches of snow on the ground with another 4 inches expected today. Reading your blog takes me back Ocracoke, no matter where I'm at. I can't wait to return in April and have some of that great Ocracoke seafood!

  2. Anonymous2:49 PM

    This post reminded me of the evening my husband & I were knee deep in renovation and Ronnie O'Neal dropped off a 5 gallon bucket full of the delicious things. Gave a whole new meaning to the words "Fast Food" cuz fast was how they disappeared into our mouths!

    Same thing when Jerry Lukefahr brought us fish...what a great neighbor. We were never so thankful for a meal or for the spirit of hospitality that lives on that island. We miss it and it's people terribly.

  3. Anonymous8:55 PM

    oh yum!!! what a wonderful meal! i would love the recipe for the southern pineapple chess pie if your friends would be so kind as to share...wish we were there.


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