Thursday, January 22, 2009

Steel Trawler

Thirty years ago it was commonplace, especially in the colder months, to see a dozen or more trawlers, both wooden and steel, docked in Silver Lake Harbor. Nowadays it is much less common. Some time ago, however, I had an opportunity to speak with a member of the crew of a large steel trawler. They had just arrived with a boatload of green tail shrimp, and they were offering them for sale at $3.00/pound. I climbed on board to see some of the prettiest, large shrimp I had ever seen. I pulled out my money, and he weighed out the shrimp. Into a plastic bag they went.

Back home I popped the heads off (my hands were aching from the cold by the time I was finished), and packed them in heavy plastic bags. Most went into the freezer, but I left a small bag out for the next day. If you've never tasted shrimp fresh from Pamlico Sound (if all you've ever known is pre-packaged shrimp from Thailand), and you finally have an opportunity to feast on the real thing you'll never want to eat imported shrimp again. I guarantee it!

PS: I understand that there will be no picking and jamming and the Community Store this Friday night, but that it will continue again "soon." Look for notices in the store.

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