Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jam Session

A fire was roaring in the pot bellied stove in the Community Store last night as island musicians gathered 'round. The old wooden floor and a round antique metal Texaco sign (with lettering worn off where folks had walked over it for decades) testified to the many islanders and visitors who have crossed the store's threshold over the years. Last night folding chairs and upside-down milk crates served as seating for musicians and spectators alike.

Without much talk or introductions the tunes rang out --Tennessee Waltz, Down Yonder, Under the Double Eagle.... David was there with his fiddle. Leonard played banjo. Marcy brought her mandolin, Lou, his Dobro. April even came down to the island from Hatteras with her guitar and bass. Tom sat in the circle with his saxophone and clarinet. I had my dancing man. When tunes were familiar (You Are My Sunshine, Puff the Magic Dragon....) everyone sang. It was a great night to call Ocracoke home.

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  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    I hope you guys continue your Friday night Jam sessions for a while. We always come down in May and have missed being part of the music offered at the Deepwater Theater. Sitting around the store sounds even better. Do you guys plan on continuing this?

  2. I think the jam sessions at the Community Store will happen whenever the musicians decide to get together. It seems pretty flexible to me. But I'd be surprised if it became anything more than just an opportunity to add a little spice to wintertime on the island.

  3. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I was also hoping to have the Community Store jam sessions be an ongoing event. Seems like a good idea to spice things up during the quieter times on Ocracoke, though.Looking forward to our annual spring visit.Stay warm!


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