Monday, April 20, 2009

Did You Know...

...that Hatteras Inlet opened in 1846? Before then Ocracoke Island was connected to Hatteras Island. In fact, Ocracoke Inlet is the only inlet that has been continuously open since Europeans began keeping records. In years past hurricanes and other storms would periodically open and close inlets all along the Outer Banks. With the advent of paved roads & a burgeoning tourist industry state and local governments have responded to every overwash and formation of new inlets with attempts to stabilize the present configuration of the Outer Banks.

Although Hatteras Inlet is only about a half mile wide, the ferry route from Hatteras village to the dock on Ocracoke is about five miles.

In our latest Ocracoke Newsletter I share information about our many local cemeteries, with examples of some of our more interesting epitaphs. You can read it here.

To read about Philip's new book, Digging up Uncle Evans, History, Ghost Tales, & Stories from Ocracoke Island, please click here.


  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Hatteras inlet

    the seas are rough
    you need to be tough
    when you guard the coast

    The training you do makes a man out of you

    As the sea is a fickle mistress.

    The lives you save each and every day, thank their lucky stars

    For if it had not been you to the rescue
    What would they have done, only succumb that fateful day

  2. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I wonder who the anonymous poet is?

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM comment.