Thursday, April 16, 2009


Why is it so cold in the middle of April? I thought spring had arrived, but when I stepped outside this morning on my way to the shower I was surprised by how chilly and windy it was. The hot water sure felt good!

Not everyone is intimidated by the cold, however. Yesterday, as I walked along the beach I saw a father and daughter swimming. I was sure they must be from Canada, but I was wrong. I spoke briefly with the wife/mother (who was wrapped up in a winter coat and clearly uninterested in taking a plunge). They were from North Carolina.

It's only 48 degrees as I write, but the forecast is calling for gradually warming temperatures for the rest of the week.

In our latest Ocracoke Newsletter I share information about our many local cemeteries, with examples of some of our more interesting epitaphs. You can read it here.

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  1. Janessa-16 years old!!8:59 PM

    Hey, Philip...Is your shower outside!?!?!
    P.S. Even us hardy Canadians can't stand cold water at times :)

  2. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Why is it cold? Well Someone at wok esplianed to me it was Global swarming. De Ice Burgs is melting adding da cold waters to the ocean 11 and the gulfstrim which is da warm waters off the atalantic is working harder or nota good as before

  3. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Thanks for that explanation.

    I am glad that someone has finally put "global swarming" in plain English so the rest of us can understand.

  4. Yes, my shower is outside...but I have nice hot water. I have a shower inside, too, but I don't use it very often.

    It's warming up today (Friday), and there isn't as much wind, so the outside shower was even more pleasant this morning.

  5. You can't beat the outdoor shower!! I was at my Ocracoke home in December and finally used the indoor shower for the first time!