Monday, April 06, 2009


Every now and then I take a short break from posting on our Ocracoke Journal. Saturday morning Captain Rob and I took a short scud (as we say here on the island*) over to "Little Washington" (or as the folks over they say, "Original Washington"), NC. Patti & Frank had invited us there for their inaugural Traditional Music Festival. Of course, Ocracoke's own Molasses Creek was the main attraction Saturday night at the restored downtown Turnage Theater. In truth, the entire day was one terrific performance after another, both indoors and outside on the waterfront. I was fortunate to hear Donald Thompson singing the blues, The Dillards entertaining folks with some great country, bluegrass, and gospel tunes, Carolina Still picking and singing the fastest paced music I've heard in a long while, and the Barnraisers bringing smiles to our faces with their guitar, banjo, and winning personalities.

On the way home on Sunday we were treated to the antics of about a dozen dolphins that frolicked and cavorted alongside the ferry as we neared the island. The lucky folks on that side of the boat were leaning over the rail, smiling, and pointing at the delightful show. What a warm welcome back to my sweet island home!

*A scud is a (usually short) ride in a car or a boat.
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  1. For some fun information, photos and music from the Beaufort County Traditional Music Association (BCTMA), go to this website: .

    They are the folks who put on the festival Saturday.


  2. Ooops . . . I spoke too soon. Here is the correct information (credit where due):

    The Beaufort County Arts Council (BCAC) is the main presenter of the festival and will manage all aspects of the event. BCAC is located at 108 Gladden Street in downtown Washington. Contact information is PO Box 634, Washington, NC; Phone 252.946.2504; Fax 252.975.6948; Email; on the web at

    BCAC is working closely with the Beaufort County Traditional Music Association regarding performance scheduling and local musician involvement.

    BCAC is contracting with professional artists to present an event that will attract visitors from throughout eastern NC.