Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Catching Up

While I was out of commission during the holidays I received a number of comments and questions on several posts. First, Lou Ann and I would like to thank all of our readers for your heartfelt thoughts and comments after the recent death of her father, for your Christmas and New Year wishes, and for your patience as I struggled with a head and chest cold that didn't want to retreat.

Several readers sent words of thanks for this daily glimpse into island life. I'm so glad you enjoy keeping up with news about Ocracoke, especially during the off season. I like writing for you all!

Now, to mention a few specific things readers have asked or commented on, in no particular order:
  • Friday Night Music at the Community Store -- I only heard that this was beginning again from a reader, but it is a wonderful way to spend an early Friday evening, sitting with friends and neighbors around the wood stove, listening to some terrific home made music.
  • Amish Friendship Bread -- Sorry to say, during my long illness I forgot all about the starter, so the experiment is a bust.
  • Nights in Rodanthe House -- I had heard that there was a contract on the house, and that it would be moved (some say to an inland lot, some say to another ocean front lot...I'm not sure), and that it will be remodeled inside to look like it did in the movie. Someone told me that the new owner was negotiating with the folks who moved the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. I can't imagine a firm with much less experience tackling the job!
  • Apparently the oyster roast was a big success. I missed it because I was too sick to venture out in the cold (and had lost my appetite). It seems it was so popular that they ran out of shrimp and fish stew early on. My advice for the next one: Go as early as possible.
  • The Ocracoke Working Watermen Quilt by Joyce Reynolds -- I haven't seen it because I didn't get to the Oyster Roast. Maybe Joyce has a photo she can share. If so, I'll post it.
  • The bison was purchased by our hosts in the Chapel Hill area.
  • Don Wood in Brigetta's hot tub -- I'm not sure if I actually heard this story, or if I've just created my own personal mental image. But I'd love to hear it directly from someone who knows the story. You can write to me at piphoward at embarqmail dot com. Or, if you live on the island, stop me sometime and tell me the story!
  • Bill Kostar -- I don't think anyone is taking a dip in the ocean this week! But congratulations on your adventurous spirit. I know of two people who several years ago swam in the ocean almost every day of the year...and I myself have been in the water at least one day of every month of the year. The secret -- when your eardrums start to ache get out.
  • Sigma's friend David -- Thanks for your comment, and readership. Did you know that Will Willis' store is now the fishermen's exhibit for the Ocracoke Working Watermen's Association? Out on the dock, with smoke from a wood stove pouring out of the brick chimney, it's the perfect old-time Ocracoke venue for this project.
  • Christmas Bird Count -- I missed these also (one on Portsmouth, one on Ocracoke), but I do have some information that I will share soon.
Eventually I will write another monthly newsletter, but it may be a while. In the meanwhile you can read our November edition (Ocracoke Place Names) here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news113009.htm.


  1. I was fortunate enough to participate in the bird count. Thanks to Peter for organizing again this year. There were 85 species spotted on the count day on Ocracoke. It was, however, very grey and overcast. Lou Ann

  2. I love reading the journal because it takes me back to a place that I absolutely love to be. We usually spend a fall vacation there but were unable to do so this past year. We are planning a spring break there this March. Until then, stay warm you islanders! til March!

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Phillip, I knew about the store. I keep up fairly well with the events over there between the internet and phone calls. I talk to Jackie Willis once in a great while and talk to Jason Daniels about every two weeks or so and also on email. I use Sigma's amateur radio equipment about every day that I inherited from him. I sure would have loved to have been there for some of that fish stew.

  4. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Sorry, forgot to say the above comments were from me but you probably would have figured that from my remarks about Sigma.
    David in Fayetteville

  5. Hi Philip!
    So glad to hear that you are on the mend...AND! that Lou Ann was on the island spending some time with you. That would help anyone feel better and fast!

    I hope that she is doing well and knowing that her father's passing is still new and recent, I imagine that she is seeking peace and comfort at this time...praying for her.

    We love to read your daily Ocracoke Journal! We look for news of Ocracoke happenings and people every day! We are so glad that you continue to faithful blog about Ocracoke...it is a precious place worthy of blogging.

    Praying you recover swiftly!

    Linda & Tom Borneman

  6. Anonymous6:35 AM

    you need to talk to Steph


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