Monday, January 11, 2010

Fishermen's Quilt

Some of our readers have asked to see photos of Joyce Reynolds' latest quilt that honors Ocracoke's watermen. I saw her in the post office the other day (by the way, that's where about 75% of Ocracoke's local networking takes place), and she agreed to send me some pictures.

The first photo shows Joyce on the left, and Gene Ballance on the right.

The quilt is put together from fishing related t-shirts, most of them signed by the local fishermen. Joyce said it was so much fun to collect the shirts, then to wander about the island contacting the fishermen for signatures.

Joyce's quilt is being raffled off. Tickets are $15.00 each, and you can download a form to join the raffle by going to the OWWA web site ( From there click on the link to "What's New at the Fish House." Good luck!

For more information about the Ocracoke Working Watermen's Association, click here.


  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    that is awesome.

  2. Anonymous1:44 PM

    What are the tiny fish that swim in with the waves? Are they one kind or lots of different ones? I'm not a fisherman, so they all look the same to me!

  3. I'm not a fishermen either, but we have lots of different fish here, so I'm guessing you've seen something of a variety if you've been coming to Ocracoke for a while.

  4. Anonymous9:26 AM

    neat images, any chance of making this into a poster and selling it to benefit us and the watermens' association?