Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Deep Freeze

Well, I'm finally recovering! What an ordeal -- sinus infection, chest congestion, fever, coughing, inflamed throat. I'm still coughing after two different antibiotics and lots of bed rest...and trying to stay warm.

Lou Ann came for a short visit. Luckily, on her last day I was improving, so we roasted a chicken and whipped up some yummy mashed potatoes for my first real meal in days. Then we sat in front of the fire and enjoyed the warmth and flickering flames. Lou Ann is back home in Indiana today.

Last night I ran out of propane, but I still had heat. I've been lucky -- no frozen or broken pipes, but some neighbors have had problems. Right now it's right at 32 degrees, but it falls back into the 20s during the evening hours. I know it's much colder elsewhere, but right here in the ocean it feels so frigid. I saw Pat Garber, a neighbor who has lived many different places (in the west, in the mountains, in New England). She says she's never felt colder than right here on the island.

Many thanks to all of our readers who have left encouraging notes on recent posts. Frankly, I have not had a chance to read them all (this is my first afternoon back at the computer), but I'll catch up in a day or two. Then if I discover any questions I'll do my best to answer.

Wherever you may be I hope you are able to find a warm and cozy spot to insulate you from the winter chill.


  1. Good news, Philip, now that you are up and about: I just heard that pickin' and singin' is starting up again at the Community Store this Friday.

    Bring your "dancing man."

    Take care.

  2. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Just arrived back to the frigid north to shoveled walks and a drive-way due to a gracious neighbor. Thanks to all of you on the island who made me feel so welcome, yes, that means you Bill and Lida. (Deanna, and too many other names to mention!)

  3. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Philip, So glad that you are feeling better..Here's hoping that this will be the only illness for you this winter..

  4. Debbie Leonard6:20 AM

    Glad you are on the mend...being sick is such an awful way to pass the time!

  5. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I have kind of a silly question ... are there any squirrels on Ocracoke? Or salamanders? I didn't see either of those on my visits to your lovely little island. Thanks and glad you're feeling better!