Saturday, December 04, 2010

Mexican takeout

We are excited to have local resident and cook, Eduardo, running the Mexican take-out stand that sits in the Variety Store parking lot. He is scheduled to run the stand from December 1 to March 1. The lines have been long and reviews of the food excellent. If you are on the island this winter, stop by and grab a meal to go.


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  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Has anyone tried the "dog sausage" yet? Wait a minute. Where's my Fido?

  2. Shortly after this day’s paragraph was posted someone added the comment above. I thought it was inappropriate, so I deleted it. My apologies to the poster. I have re-posted it.

    I have been sick with a head and chest cold, and have not made it to Eduardo’s Mexican take out stand. I mentioned to my daughter Amy that I had deleted the above comment, and why. This is what she told me, “There actually is dog sausage on the menu. We told Eduardo it could/would be taken the wrong way. I think he means sausage in the same form as a hot dog.”

    So, in this context, I consider the above comment simply funny, not inappropriate at all. Again, my apologies for deleting it.

  3. Anonymous9:50 AM

    No apology necessary. I can easily understand how such a comment could be misconstrued, but I see it as strictly humorous. Just my personal opinion.

  4. Julie S.8:23 AM

    How very gracious of you both! 'Tis the season....

  5. Anonymous1:55 AM

    well if the FDA were involved--and the ingredients were to be listed would well what would does Senor Eduardo grind into his sausage? But then an egg cream has no egg or cream-- give the guy a break -- what the heck are grits for that matter. or beef patties or meat balls?