Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Day in the Sound

I couldn't imagine how three Indiana boys who grew up surrounded by corn and soy beans would do raking clams in Pamlico Sound. Read below, and click on the photos, to find out!

Lou Ann's sons, Aaron, Adam, & Abe, with me leaving the dock in my newly launched skiff:

In an hour and a half we had gathered 187 clams (our legal limit was 200!). They did great. Here we are back at my house opening their dinner (Jonah & Matthew are watching):

Abe opened the clams and laid them on the table:

Adam & Aaron loosened the meat, and put it in a bowl, and piled the empty shells in a bucket:

Adam carried the clam meat and juice into the house to fix clam chowder:

Congratulations to Aaron, Adam, & Abe. As we say on Ocracoke, "You done good!" I think they're having a great vacation.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the autobiography of Frank Treat Fulcher. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news052111.htm.


  1. bill kostar7:16 AM

    We'll all be looking forward to the photos of you in Indianan shucking corn, Philip!

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Looks like a great time!! Save some clams for me - we'll be there in 1-1/2 wks.

  3. Anonymous1:19 PM

    1) does a sea vessel have to be a certain length be fore a name is painted on the boat?

    2) is there no NC regulation requiring occupants on the water, to wear live preservers at all times?

    3) legal limit-- how is that enforced--is it the honor system or is a permit required, thus expounding on the repercussions of over harvesting?

    4)i did not see any ice was there ice -- in the processing of the clams is it important to keep them iced to extend the " shelf life"

  4. debbie s.1:19 PM

    Good times!

  5. Anon. 1:19,

    1.) You can name a boat of any length. Right now my boat does not have a name.
    2.) A boat must have a life preserver for every occupant of the boat, but adults are not required to wear them. Children must where life preservers when the boat is under way.
    3.) No license is required to harvest clams. However the legal limit is 100 per person, maximum 200 per boat. Marine fisheries may stop a boat for inspection.
    4.) Clams do not need to be kept on ice as long as they are not kept in the direct sunlight for long periods of time, and are processed within a reasonable time.

  6. Anonymous3:34 PM


    Are the rope bracelets for sale at Village Craftsmen? And what's the going rate for hauling visitors out into the sound and teaching them the finer points of clamming? We're planning a visit in August; it looks like fun way to spend an afternoon.


    Appreciate your photos, as always.

  7. Anonymous6:49 PM

    m-m-m-m-m-m - another luxury of living on Ocracoke. I await September with much anticipation....

  8. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I had to look at the pictures and read your blog entry twice because all of you were having so much fun!

    When I looked at the first photo of you and Lou Ann's family leaving the dock in your wonderful skiff, I instantly recognized the exact location you were on Silver Lake Harbor and was "bursting wide open" to tell someone!!!!

    With the kind of pure enjoyment one can have on Ocracoke Island, who needs Disney?

    I'm glad the weather has been great and everyone is having so much darn fun! As always, this NC mainlander wishes she was there, too!

  9. Phyllis8:40 AM

    Good job Phillip!!

  10. Village Craftsmen does not sell Turk's Head bracelets. However, Capt. Rob's new store, "The Black Schooner," has some for sale. (I cut mine off my wrist yesterday because it was full of boat bottom paint, grease, and oil...I guess I'll have to weave another one.)

  11. Anonymous1:25 PM

    What is the significance of wearing one?

  12. Turks Head bracelets were worn by sailors. During periods at sea when there was little work to do they would tie knots and make decorative rope articles. Thus the Turks Head bracelet.

  13. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Thanks for your time.

  14. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Philip, with your busy schedule, I don't know when you'll have time this summer to weave another Turks Head bracelet! Sounds like it'll be November before you can catch your breath!

  15. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Okay you guys need an agent. The reality show life on Ocracoke scheduled to begin production in 2012.
    The Oprah network would love those guys, I can see it now --move over sons of a Lady from Savannah.

  16. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Philip, why not name your boat after your mom?

  17. Kunigunde? Maybe I will.