Friday, June 24, 2011

June Newsletter

Well, we've done it again. We have published our latest Ocracoke Newsletter. This month we bring you "Ode to Mrs. Godfrey," a story about the ghost in the Island Inn, contributed by guest columnist and frequent island visitor Tom ("Bear") McDonald. You can read it here:

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  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Philip, I've always enjoyed the interesting tales told on Mrs. Godfrey and the Island Inn. Great article by Tom McDonald.

    In Oct of 2009, I got to meet Cee, the current innkeeper, when I was there w/ other members of her family attending her cousin's wedding, held in the lovely little Methodist church. I was the pianist and met Pastor Joyce on that occasion for the first time.

    I stayed in the newer part of the Island Inn (villas), but some guests stayed in the original building of the Island Inn and said later they felt "someone" around them. It's all most entertaining, to say the least.

    This NC mainlander never tires of the tales told (real or fabricated) from Ocracoke Island!