Thursday, June 09, 2011

More Photos

These last several days have been busy, busy, busy...and it's been a great busy -- OcraFolk Festival, "You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet" (Amy's & my Monday evening storytelling show), Ghost & History Walks, the OcraFolk Opry, and much more (including...after many hours repairing carburetors...getting my outboard motor running). I haven't found time to write much for the blog, so again I am posting some of Amy's photos of the wonderful Sunday evening musical jam session at my house. I hope you can see from the pictures how much fun it was!

Click on any photo to view a larger image.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the autobiography of Frank Treat Fulcher. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    What a spirited, grand time one and all had from the looks of these wonderful photos!

    I am impress with the variety of instruments which are represented. It always amazes me that there is an abundance of God-given talented singers and musicians living on tiny Ocracoke Island. Somehow, you find each other and all gather in Philip's charming home on shady Howard Street!

    What also impresses me is how OI folks are not glued to their TVs as is often the case on the mainland. I personally don't watch a lot of TV; sadly, though, that is not always the norm on the mainland.

    Was our energetic Blanche on the scene?

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM


    I suspect the historian in you, and de facto cataloger of all things Ocracoke, can appreciate my suggestion that 'twould seem an ideal opportunity to capture a song or two on video--just one more snippet of island life.

    I realize, of course, that taking time out to be videographer and watching through a viewfinder is no match for enjoying such events in real time, as evidenced in one of the photos by your own terrific grin. You've previously mentioned other folks working/visiting the island to record personal histories of island residents. Perhaps one of those folks might welcome a visit to your pizer to capture tunes and tales some toe-tapping evening.

    Until then, I'm happy enjoying your posts and pics here. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Philip-You can't help it if you're BusyBusyBusy-When you get a moment -love to know who is in that picture on your wall (the one hanging to the left of Fiddler Dave)--I can't help it if I'm NosyNosyNosy.

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Jim Fineman took some of the photos too!

  5. I was expecting the question about the picture on the wall! Those folks are my grandfather (Homer Howard) and my grandmother (Aliph Dean O'Neal Howard).

  6. Blanche was not at my house Sunday evening...and I haven't been over to see her for a few days. Maybe I'll walk over there right away!

  7. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Philip, in Dave's photo above him to the left there is a picture of 2 males . I thought it might be you & your son.

  8. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I'm sooo embarrassed-I was on my mobile phone-just took another look at that picture,this time with a much larger view. It's really quite beautiful. I had no idea your grandparents were so attractive. You're so lucky to have it.

  9. Anonymous5:33 PM


    Just to satisfy everyone's curiosity, methinks that you will have to post a few photos of the interior of your house.

    In your spare time, of course.

  10. My house is in the book, "The Southern Cottage, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Florida Keys," by Susan Sully. Eighteen cottages are featured. Mine is on pages 106-115: "Past, Present, A Story-and-a-Jump in Ocracoke Village." The story includes 8 photos.

  11. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Learned something new again! Thanks!

  12. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Besides learning something new, I had to check out Susan Sully's book that you mention, Philip, on Once again, I am on another interesting quest about anything regarding dear Ocracoke Island.

    So, for all our faithful bloggers, I have taken the liberty and visited I am happy to report this handsome book is definitely available...$26.37. It was published in April, 2007 and has 208 pages.

    You may also enjoy reading the "review" that Philip wrote for the book...very much in his own words.

    It never ceases to amaze me that this blog is often consistent in beginning with one subject or question and then digressing to other interesting topics, all relating in some direct or indirect way to Ocracoke Island.

    The journey continues.....