Saturday, June 04, 2011

Photo of Blanche

One of our faithful readers, island resident Leonard Conover, has been following our recent posts about Blanche, and the requests for me to post a photo. Blanche, as I mentioned, is not especially fond of having her picture taken, although she does consent now and then.

Leonard made the following picture at the 2007 OcraFolk Festival, and emailed it to me. I carried my laptop over to Blanche's yesterday morning to show it to her, and pleaded with her to agree to have it published. She is so sweet; it didn't take long to convince her...especially after I told her about all of her fans, and calls for her to be mayor of Ocracoke (she doesn't want that job, and I'm sure I couldn't change her mind!).

(Click on photo to view a larger image.)

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the autobiography of Frank Treat Fulcher. You can read it here:


  1. Philip,

    In my haste and enthusiasm to share the photo with you, I am afraid that I failed to mention the real guilty party -- our friend Susse Wright.

    Susse is not only a fine photographer, but kind and generous enough to share her work with anyone on a regular basis.

    As much as I would like to take the credit, all thanks should go to her.


  2. What a wonderful photo of you both!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Wow, she would have been, what? 87 at the time of that photo? If we could all only look so good at that age! What a beautiful lady. May God bless her with many years of health and happiness.

  4. Anonymous12:13 PM

    The picture is lovely. I can see why Blanche would not want to run for office. Why settle for mayor when you can be QUEEN of Ocracoke?

  5. debbie s.7:26 PM

    i hope i age as well as miss Blanche!

  6. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Now we know which 91-year-old to greet while strolling down Howard Street. Thanks for posting, Philip, and thanks to cousin Blanche for her approval. We'll definitely keep an eye open for her on our next visit.

  7. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Have you ever dedicated a post--or a newsletter entry--to the life of cousin Blanche?

  8. No, I have never dedicated a post to Blanche. She might not like that much attention...but we'll see.

  9. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I still want Blanche to be Mayor of Ocracoke, but I understand if she doesn't want the job!!!!!! :)

    Please thank her for allowing you to post this terrific pic. It's great of you both.

    It's nice to be appreciated at age 91 and I hope Blanche truly knows how much she is appreciated and admired by locals and mainlanders alike!!!!

  10. I will thank Blanche again...and I will give her your message.