Thursday, December 01, 2011

December Already

We at the Village Craftsmen would love for you to check out our online catalog for all of your Holiday shopping needs.  Click on the "What's New" section on our home page to view some great recent additions.  Don't forget, until the end of December we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all "online" orders placed over $25.00.  Hope to hear from you.


  1. I shouldn't have looked. I might have to buy a wrap tee shirt and some soap

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    I know what you mean, Pat. This NC Mainlander looks several times a week. Have ordered several times this year already, BUT free shipping is calling my name!

    If any of the faithful VC bloggers haven't yet placed an order, from one blogger to another, let me just say what an outstanding job Jude and the great staff @ VC does processing the orders and then packing/shipping each one. I've ordered even fragile items and have NEVER had any problems. I absolutely love receiving a package from 27960! What a thrill!

    Thanks VC for extending the free shipping offer. It's such a generous help!

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    But the real question is: Does the Village Craftsmen have a public restroom?

  4. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I don't believe so, but there are bushes on Howard Street. That's the reason we need more restrooms!

  5. Just for the record -- Village Craftsmen has always provided restroom facilities for those who ask!