Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Gull Eggs

I had an interesting conversation with a visitor yesterday. She wanted to know where to get gull eggs. They are good for reducing cholesterol, she informed me. "That might be true," I replied, "but I don't recommend that you gather gull eggs, especially in the National Seashore. I'm pretty sure that's illegal." She then went on to explain that they were available on Ocracoke.

Of course, she couldn't tell me exactly where she had gotten that information. I had never even heard of anyone years ago eating gull eggs, so I asked cousin Blanche. She had never heard of it either, though we both knew that O'cockers were fond of eating beach birds decades ago.

I don't know where she got her information, but I am certain it was misinformation. I guess you just can't believe everything you read on the Internet!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is Molly Lovejoy's 2012 Ocracoke School Valedictory Address. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news062112.htm


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    She sounds pretty GULLIBLE.

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Now the bird that flies over the sea is a sea gull But the bird that flys over the bay that's a Baygull

  3. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Oh my goodness- The NYT has an article about London resturants serving gull eggs-- Job opportunity become a licensed gull egg collector Some upstart is selling collecting as an unlicensed collector I wonder

  4. Anonymous12:57 PM

    On another speculative subject entirely: do you know if the character of Sam Jones (farmer/mayor of Mayberry) in the Andy Griffith Show is perhaps based on our own Sam Jones of the Castle?

  5. Anon 12:57 -- To my knowledge their is no connection between Sam Jones of Ocracoke and any character on the Andy Griffith show.

    By the way, I just heard that Andy died early this morning (Tuesday, July 3, 2012) at his home on Roanoke Island. RIP Andy.

  6. Anonymous3:59 PM

    good bye andy................

  7. Anonymous9:56 AM

    What no outrage at the consumption of gull eggs? Now the Andy of Mayberry was not gullible--but Barney Iife that's another story. incidentally, coincidentally I watched the Music Man and in that movie one sees Opie --Ron Howard. That man must have been a child prodigy a boy version of the workaholic Shirley Temple . Ron Howard has contributed to the vast body of work known as the American Film industry

  8. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Gull eggs....that's a new one on me.

    Re: Andy....what great memories we have and can continue to enjoy of this NC son. He will be missed....that era is already missed.