Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Times Have Changed!

Ocracoke is presently a part of Hyde County. This is the only part of the Outer Banks in Hyde County. The rest of our county is on the mainland. Swan Quarter is our county seat (that's where we go when we are called for jury duty). Before 1845 Ocracoke was in Carteret County. Before 1770 Ocracoke was not part of any county. It was simply an isolated, independent island with a very small population.

In 1770 Ocracoke Island was annexed to Carteret County after a member of the Colonial Assembly noticed that "those lawless bankers on Occacock Island are not paying taxes anywhere."

We still like to think of ourselves as rather independent and still a little bit "lawless" but we are definitely paying our share of taxes.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is Molly Lovejoy's 2012 Ocracoke School Valedictory Address. You can read it here:


  1. It's spelled with an e: Carteret County. Just FYI... :)

  2. Thanks Kati! I made the correction. I should have known better...and I'm not surprised that you caught the mistake!

  3. debbie s.4:34 PM

    lots of taxes paid on not much given back from the county...grrrr......

  4. debbie s.4:35 PM

    *and not much given back

    (sorry, have a bad headache and probably shouldn't even be trying to type LOL)


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