Sunday, July 01, 2012

Carpentry & The Bible

Yesterday's post was not quite accurate. My dad had read two other books before reading Alicia. Well, that's not quite accurate either. We had two books in our house, but no one read either one from cover to cover. One book, to no one's surprise, was the Bible.

Carpentry and The Bible

The other book was titled simply Carpentry. Written by Gilbert Townsend, S.B. in 1943, and published by the American Technical Society, the book was subtitled "A Practical Treatise on Simple Building Construction, Including Framing, Roof Construction, General Carpentry Work, Exterior and Interior Finish of Buildings, Building Forms and Working Drawings."

As in so many other endeavors (hair cutting, car mechanics, house painting, shoe repair, furniture making, boat building, and sewing) my dad was self-taught. I am certain that Carpentry was a valuable reference when he added a kitchen to our house, finished our island home, and helped my brother and me build our homes.

Many of the drawings and explanations in the book are surprisingly accurate and relevant for today's wood working enthusiast. It wouldn't matter. I just like having Carpentry on my book shelf.

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  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    When they invented the word for a lover of books, you don't think they had anyone specific in mind--do you?
    BIBLIO(PHIL)E...probably just a coincidence.

  2. Seems like most Dad's had a book on carpentry. I remember mine having one with blue cover. No doubt, he probably still has it.

  3. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Off topic, but as of 645p Sunday evening, it looks from the Silver Lake Harbor webcam as if you're getting some nasty storms with high water down there (judging from minimal clearance between the water line and the bottom of the docks).

    Look worse than it really is?

  4. We had a lightning storm and high winds (my guess is 35-40 mph), but I haven't been out much today. I've pulled a muscle in my back.