Friday, February 01, 2013


This morning I have three photos to share. My cousin Becky sent them to me a few days ago. Enjoy.

This first picture was taken in front of my house. When I initially published this post I thought the photo was taken about 1930 because my Aunt Thelma had written on the back of the picture, and identified the people as her brothers, Marvin, Enoch, and Homer. Amy looked at the picture and saw another, smaller child holding onto the arm of the man wearing the hat. I had not even noticed the younger child.

So I reconsidered, and thought maybe the photo was taken earlier, and that my dad might have been in the picture. Then I did the smart thing, and carried the photo to Blanche. She recognized the people right away. This is who is in the picture (from left to right): James Enoch Howard (b. 1903), Marvin Wyche Howard (b. 1897), Richard Olin Howard (b. 1920, Marvin's son), and Homer Rodheaver Howard (b. 1917). The photo was taken about 1930. Enoch, Marvin, & Homer were brothers, my uncles.

The next photo is of my Aunt Thelma when she was 18 years old (1930). It was taken on the steps of the Ocracoke schoolhouse.

This last picture, of my father (Lawton) and Aunt Thelma was taken about 1990.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of windmills on Ocracoke. You can read it here:

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  1. Philip, I always enjoy your writing & your stories and the way you tell them.
    I've met you a few times, been to Ocracoke many times, and enjoy The Village Craftsman.
    I can't swim and sunburn really easily, but I am drawn to your fair island over and over and over.