Wednesday, June 19, 2013


According to Ocracoke native, Cecil S. Bragg, author of Ocracoke Island: Pearl of the Outer Banks, the first diploma ever presented to an Ocracoke Island student was hand written on plain paper, and given to Robert Stanley Wahab (1888-1968). Stanley, as he was known, contributed much to the development of Ocracoke, including the installation of an ice plant and the construction of the Wahab Village Hotel (now Blackbeard's Lodge).

R.S. Wahab, ca. 1955

The diploma read, "Ocracoke, N.C. Apr. 28, 1904  This is to certify that Mr. Stanley Wahab has studied the fundamental branches under me, spelling, arithmetic, and grammar, has acquired a sufficient knowledge of these to prepare him for the practical affairs of life. Yous truly, J.E. Redfern"

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a tribute to a wonderful man who did much for Ocracoke Island, Marvin Wyche Howard (1897-1969). You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    No wonder the dropout rate is what it is. That simple piece of paper was like Dumbo's feather. Too bad children resent having to attend school and drop out. When you stop and think about it McDonalds is a very successful business model. Working at a McDonalds one Can indeed learn techniques to apply in everyday. Does OI have a McDonalds restaurant? The new exteriors are very tasteful! Yum.

  2. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Ocracoke Island will never have a McDonald's on it. It's all hard working individuals trying to get by in life living in paradise.


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