Thursday, July 03, 2014


"Arthur strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane early Thursday.... Arthur had registered maximum sustained winds of 75 mph and was about 190 miles south-southeast of Cape Fear, North Carolina, the National Hurricane Center said at 4:50 a.m. ET....The National Hurricane Center predicted Arthur would swipe the coast early Friday with winds of up to 85 mph."

We have completed most of our preparations, but will be removing loose objects from porches and outside (including the clam baskets, etc. from the side of my outbuilding) today. My car is parked on a hill in my back yard.

Go to our Village Craftsmen Facebook page to see another photo.


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Philip, wish I could send you a little more hill for your car. With that said, NC Mainlander knows you and true Ocracokers are well versed in surviving hurricanes.

    While driving home from work last night, with all things Ocracoke on my mind, I started wondering how many hurricanes your dear Blanch has lived through. Wait to answer when you have time.

    Surely hope you guys will be spared the worst from "Arthur". So sorry this storm is hitting on July 4th weekend. Stay safe!!!

  2. Godspeed, Ocracoke Islanders.

  3. Good luck, as always my thoughts and prayers are with the beautiful Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands and its residents. Take care, be safe.

  4. Bear MacDonald8:14 AM

    Thanks to you and WOVV for the updates. This Yankee mainlander is no longer held hostage by the mass media. Although a couple of years back I rather enjoyed seeing Jim Cantori give a report and interview in front of a plywood sign reading "Cantori go home!!" and "Free ice cream." It was not clear whether the shop owner gave Mr. Cantori the ice cream.

    Stay safe and hope that y'all get no more than the glancing blow projected.

  5. Bill Walker8:44 AM

    Please post often if you are able. Lots of mainlanders worry about our favorite place and our favorite people, and the only real first hand reporting comes from you, the OCRACOKE CURRENT, and the radio station if y'all have electricity.
    Good luck to everyone, whether evacuating or riding out the storm.

  6. Vickie Pavlik1:17 PM

    Appy & I wish you a safe night. Take care.