Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Theater

Summer (and Winter) Theater has been an important part of island life for quite some time. In the summer of 1974 Julia Howard's three act musical, A Tale of Blackbeard, began it's run of 9 seasons in the course of 20 years. The play built upon a long tradition of plays, skits and variety shows that were staples of Ocracoke Island evening entertainment for decades.

As many of our readers know, A Tale of Blackbeard has been revived this season with a cast of talented local actors and actresses. Clever lyrics and catchy tunes complement the script which portrays the last days of the infamous pirate captain who lost his head just off shore in 1718. Salty sailors, coquettish village girls, and a prominent village family provide drama, conflict, and romance.

Clay Goins & Amy Howard, 1994 Production

This summer my son Stefen Howard has been working on a web site dedicated to preserving the history of this iconic Ocracoke Island production. The site is a work in progress, but Stefen has already published images from many of the performances, as well as vintage newspaper clippings, programs, and historical sketches.

Take a look at now...and later this summer for updates from the 2014 season.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an article about the Ocracoke Crab Festival which was held each May from 1984 to 1989. You can read it here:


  1. Debbie Leonard7:43 AM

    Thank you for publicizing this website. I had been told that there was one but I didn't know how to access it. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Isn't that Clay Goins, not Joe, in the photo?

    1. Yes, I am sure you are correct. Sorry about the mistake! I will make the correction immediately.