Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dale Sanderson

In 1663 & 1665, King Charles II, newly restored to the English throne, appointed eight Lords Proprietors to govern the territory of Carolina (at that time, all of the land between 31° and 36° north latitude, and extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific). In 1719 John Lovick acquired "Occacok" Island as a grant from the Proprietors.

Sometime before 1733 Ocracoke came into the possession of Richard Sanderson, an English sea captain. At Sanderson's death in 1733 the island passed to his son, Richard Sanderson, Jr., who sold it to William Howard, Sr. for £105, in 1759.

256 years later, this man, Dale Sanderson, turned up at my door, offering to buy the island back:

Dale (Sandy) Sanderson
Dale Sanderson is a direct descendant of Richard Sanderson, who sold Ocracoke to William Howard. Dale and his brother only recently discovered their connection to Ocracoke. They live in Colorado, where their family had migrated, after passing through Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas.

Dale was on a journey tracing his family roots. We had a delightful time sharing family history, and touring Ocracoke. 

Capt. Rob Temple stopped by to interview Dale, who goes by the nickname, Sandy. You can read Rob's delightful article in the Ocracoke Current:

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is research into the origin of the Ocracoke Island Wahab family. You can read the article here:


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I hope your friend enjoyed his stay. He no doubt was humored by the snow. Additionally, the link led to other news of interest-- the possible tax increase to fund a tourist promotion authority. Where I live a group promotes an event outside the area example OI and when people come to attend the event and stay in lodging questions are asked where did you come from and how did you hear about the event etc etc all this to document the fact the organization promoting the event was integral in generating the added money and then eligible for a reimbursement from the "bed tax" Now this is predicated on the fact large events will be staged to generate huge sums of money which will be collected and then people are paid to decide who gets some of the extra money generated from these huge events that attract larger numbers of people. Now Holiday celebrations or events scheduled during slow times I suppose you'all have a better idea of what to do then me certainly but a an Invitational sand castle building contest or a Fishing tournament or a Huge Art festival or a Music festival or a good luck with what ever headache you choose.

  2. Philip, I love reading about your family history and the amazing meeting of the Sanderson descendent and his connection to you. Lida

  3. Betty L. Owen11:30 AM

    This gets more interesting by the minute....I am a Sanderson, too, sister of Dale.

  4. My grandmother was Hazel Sanderson from Lowndes County, Alabama and apparently we are from the same family according to my first cousin who has done a lot of research. Very cool to know I have a connection to the island.