Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ocracoke Landing

Robert L. Payne, in his 1985 book, Place Names of the Outer Banks, lists many references to Ocracoke. One is "Ocracoke Landing -- a former landing [a place where a ship or boat was loaded or unloaded] in Hyde County, Ocracoke Township at 35° 09' 20" N 76° 00' 35" W and located but not named on Chart 11550. The landing was in Pamlico Sound, 2 mi. (3.2 km) north of the village of Ocracoke."

Payne adds this historical note: "The landing was actually the hulk of a sunken ship where boats anchored to transfer goods for the village of Ocracoke. The site was used for only a short period of time. Today Big Foot Slough Channel extends south from here."

You can locate this wreck at the top of the chart: WK mean "Wreck" and PA means "Position Approximate."  [A correction on 3/25/16: the wreck shown at the top of Chart 11550 is the Lehigh (, not an older wreck as stated in Payne's book.]

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is about the 1977 recording of traditional Outer Banks folk music. You can read the article here:  


  1. In reading this post again, and looking at the chart again, I believe the wreck identified is the Lehigh, not an earlier wreck as described by Payne. Stay tuned for an update.

    1. Capt. Rob concurs. The wreck on the chart is the Lehigh. I will add a correction to this post.


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