Monday, July 25, 2016

Pay Voucher

Jacob Gaskill (1785-1862) served as Justice of the Peace on Ocracoke Island in 1822. In that same year he sold to the US government, for $50, two acres of land where the Ocracoke lighthouse was built in 1823.

During the War of 1812 Jacob Gaskill served as a private in the Hyde County Militia, commanded by Capt. Gibbs. 

Image from NC Dept. of Cultural Resources

Jacob Gaskill received the above Pay Voucher in October, 1814. Vouchers were issued in lieu of cash by the governor after the auditor had validated a claim. The voucher was issued for military service performed by Jacob Gaskill who was called out to defend the coast in 1813. When a voucher was redeemed, it was cancelled by punching a hole through it. 

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  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Is that decimal really in the right place?

    1. I am sure it is correct. The year was 1814.