Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Driving to Ocracoke

Ocracoke residents and visitors to the island understand the importance of the North Carolina ferry system. In the past I have written about Frazier Peele's private ferry operation across Hatteras Inlet in the 1950s (to read two of those posts click here and here).

Recently I discovered the following photos at the Ocracoke Preservation Society museum. They document visitors bringing their car to Ocracoke in the 1930s.

Loading Car onto Barge

Towing Car on Barge

The people in the photos have not been identified, but they surely were resourceful. Not only were there no ferries to Ocracoke in the 1930s, but there were also no paved roads on the island. As you can imagine, only adventurous folks came to Ocracoke back then.

Our current Ocracoke Newsletter is a 1938 article about Capt. Gary Bragg, waterfowl hunting, and wooden decoy carving. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news112116.htm.

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  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Perhaps they were writers for National Geographic researching an article on Cormorants or Phd students studying the large number of sea shells or Real estate developers scouting dirt cheap land deals. Or Duck hunters building the first duck blind.


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