Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lighthouse Outbuildings

A visit to Ocracoke is not complete without a stop at the lighthouse. Our 75 foot tower built in 1823 is probably the most-photographed structure on the island.

The site plan below, taken from the National Park Service's 2016 Cultural Landscape Report on the Ocracoke Light Station, shows the location of the light tower (bottom, left) and the keeper's quarters (top, center) as well as various outbuildings.

Lighthouse Site Plan, NPS

I recently wrote about the privy. As you can see, there are other outbuildings on the property: an oil house, a generator house, a carpenter's shop, and a store house, as well as a vegetable garden and two water cisterns.

Lighthouse with oil house (left) and generator house (right)

Carpenter's shop, privy, and store house

Out latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the Aleta, Ocracoke's mailboat from 1944-1952, compliments of the Core Sound Museum. Click on the following link for photos, text, and audio recordings about this iconic vessel:

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