Monday, September 04, 2017

Black Anchor Antiques

I wonder how many of our readers remember Black Anchor Antiques. This small business was owned and operated by Darrell Bell Dudley and his wife Sallyanne.

Darrell was born on Ocracoke in 1933. He was the son of the late Claude and Annie O’Neal Dudley, and had homes in Ocracoke and Elizabeth City, NC. He died in 2007 at his home in Ocracoke.

In addition to operating Black Anchor Antiques & Collectibles, Darrel was a clock repairman. He and his brother, Ronald, donated a pendulum clock to one of Ocracoke's local non-profit organizations. He was also a member of the Ocracoke Masonic Lodge.

Clock Donated by the Dudleys
(Mechanism had been removed
when this photo was made)

I could not locate any photos of the Black Anchor Antiques shop, but I recently took this photo of the building where it was located. It is now a private cottage.

Do any of our readers know where this building is located...and can anyone  remember what other businesses or organizations have used it?

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a brief history of Howard's Pub. You can read it here:  


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Shop was on Hwy. 12 between Community Center and what was Atlantic Restaurant across from Jason's...more or less.

    1. Right you are! Thank you for your comment. The epitaph on Darrell's tombstone reads, "Clock Merchant - Born on Ocracoke Island - He made his living on time until time ran out." Sally's reads, "A vivacious laugh. A compassionate soul."


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