Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Last Supper

In March, 2016, I published a blog post about Frank Treat Fulcher, with a link to a 2011 Ocracoke Newsletter of his autobiography.

Frank Treat was a colorful Ocracoke native, and a preacher, storyteller, mandolin player, and folk artist. This carved last supper scene is displayed in the hallway in the rear of the Ocracoke Methodist Church:

The carving is worth noticing. If the current pastor is in his office I'm sure he would be happy for you to step inside and take a look.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a brief history of Howard's Pub. You can read it here:    


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    A calendar featured a portion of a larger masterpiece Les Noces de Cana. Upon an internet search this is a dinner-- the dinner where Jesus turns water into wine. I just never thought that this miracle was to save a dinner party from fiasco. This water to wine was not an act, a street magician busking the streets of J-town but a fancy shin-dig. Now carving that scene would involve an entire tree I think.

    1. Marie from PA11:53 AM

      Not sure of the purpose of Anon 11:26 comment, but thank you for this information, Philip. I was behind on my reading of your blog and had just visited the Methodist Church this morning. I will see if I can find Pastor Bryant so I can see this work. As always, thank you for all the time and energy you put into giving us information about the wonderful island of Ocracoke. It is greatly appreciated.

    2. Hi Marie! I am wife to pastor Bryant and work at the OPS museum on Ocracoke. Glad to say that we are getting ready to move this carving back up to the front of the church for everyone to see! We will do so in conjunction with the 75th birthday of the church building this year. We will have a celebration on July 8th. Maybe you can join us?

  2. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Anon 11:26 here, Marie from PA ( Been to Philly, luv luv luv P-town and the Franklin Institute and Betsey Ross House, That alley and just walking around anyway I digress,) Everyone thinks of the last supper the paint er fresco is in a tiny church if I recall correctly but this wine to water effort is huge Girl, and I merely wanted to share with y'all another rendition of Jesus Shaves or is it saves David Sedaris has an essay titled Jesus Shaves and it is awesome