Monday, July 19, 2004

Birthdays Potluck

Last night about 50 family & friends gathered at Julie Howard's home for a celebration of July birthdays.  My son, Stefen, his wife, Snee, and their three children, Zoe, Eakin, & Eliza, were also visiting from western North Carolina.  We enjoyed bean salads, zucchini casseroles, deviled eggs, Ocracoke fig cake, and other delectable dishes too numerous to mention. 
Sundae, one of the birthday girls, made flower crowns for the honored ladies.  After dinner we all went out onto the back deck.  Julian, Lanette, Karen, Sundae, Peer, Lou Ann, and Marcie were good sports, and stood in a row (according to July date order, not age!) while we sang "Happy Birthday" to them.
Children ran around and played in the yard or on the front porch, neighbors visited and shared stories, and family members enjoyed each other's welcomed company.  Community and Family -- two wonderful reasons to celebrate!

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