Monday, July 05, 2004

Independence Day on Ocracoke

We were having so much fun yesterday that there wasn't even a spare moment to make a short post.

July 4 began for us with the annual sand sculpture contest. We didn't win a prize, but it was no wonder, even though we worked on ours until noon. The fish, mermaids, turtles, ponies, & castles were fantastic.

Unfortunately, we missed the sky divers. Maybe next year.

At 1:30 "Blackbeard" appeared on the lawn of the Pony Island Motel and gave a riveting presentation. We were fortunate to spend a couple of hours with him and his wife later that afternoon. We wondered why we hadn't seen him Friday night at Springer's Point searching for his head under the full moon. He assured us that he would have been there, but that he had decided, instead, to stop by Howard's Pub for a brew. We should have expected as much.

As usual, the Parade was fun & funky & full of festive floats. Afterwards we joined friends and family for a cookout and then biked to the schooner Windfall for a spectacular view of the fireworks.

By the time we arrived back home the day was too far gone for a journal entry.

Here's hoping your Independence Day celebration was super, no matter where you were.

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