Sunday, July 11, 2004

British Invasion of Ocracoke & Portsmouth

On June 12, 1812, because of long-simmering disputes, the fledgling United States declared war on Great Britain.

On July 11, 1813 (191 years ago today) British forces invaded Ocracoke and Portsmouth islands. Their intent was to blockade Ocracoke Inlet, thereby preventing seagoing vessels from reaching the mainlnd ports of North Carolina.

The large British force, consisting of 26 vessels and at least 750 sailors, attacked the brig "Anaconda" of New York and the "Atlas" from France. The "Anaconda' was sunk.

Reports indicated that the British forces came ashore and "behaved better than we supposed." British sentinels were stationed throughout the villages and money was offered to residents for provisions. At least one man from Portsmouth, attempting to escape with his family, was killed.

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