Sunday, July 25, 2004

A Day of Clamming

Bare feet on a rusty old beach bike with the rear fender falling off; five long, gangly clam rakes; and bumpy, sandy Howard Street. Lou Ann managed with the old wire clam basket wrapped with a life ring sitting precariously on her bike basket.

We got to the dock and Capt. Rob & Sundae, and the kids, as well as Frank, were there ready to cast off. The sky was full of white billowy clouds against the bluest of backgrounds. Springer's Point's canopy of cedars and live oaks was a deep rich green. The breeze was gentle. Fish jumped out of the water and skimmed across the surface, bouncing time and again. "How do they do that?" we wondered.

Back home with 150 clams, we're getting ready for "clams casino" before marching off to hear Martin Garrish dazzle us with his guitar. So what if we didn't vacuum the living room!

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