Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Stories are Everywhere

My Aunt Leevella was known from one end of the island to the other as a compulsive cleaner. My father claimed that she would even remove the screws from the hinges on her kitchen cabinets so she could clean underneath them!

Although Uncle Marvin would "hide out" in his workshop as much as he dared, Leevella would force him to help her clean whenever possible.

Yesterday while walking through the parking lot at the Community Store I stopped to visit with Roger Garrish. He shared the following short story about Marvin & Leevella.

Cleaning was a perpetual and ongoing endeavor for Leevella, but she was intent on also doing a once-a-year, thorough spring cleaning. She made sure Marvin was there to help her.

After several days of sweeping, dusting, and scrubbing a neighbor asked Marvin how it had gone. "Oh," he replied with an impish grin, "we found one fly wing that we missed last spring."

Stories are everywhere!

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