Saturday, November 20, 2004

A Busy Day Friday

No journal entry yesterday. I had breakfast with cousins Eddie & Betty early on, then went right to the old homeplace to continue replacing the electrical wiring. So far I've completed circuits in the dining room, kitchen, & living room. Everything is working perfectly, but it can be quite a challenge fishing wires through existing walls. The building inspector was pleasantly surprised. He said he's always prepared for the worst when a homeowner decides to do his/her own wiring. But everything passed (with flying colors, as they say) on the first inspection.

After work I joined friends for dinner, then played poker until midnight (I lost $2.00 -- not too costly for an evening's entertainment).

I'll continue work on the electric today, while looking forward to seeing my son and his family this evening. Tonight at 8:00 pm Bryan Bowers, autoharp artist on the traditional music circuit, will be performing at Deepwater Theater. Bowers, whom I recently heard perform at the National Storytelling Festival, can do some truly amazing things with the autoharp.

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  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I also attended the National Storytelling Festival this past October...and became a Bryan Bowers groupie...he has a great style of storytelling and the best of the best in the autoharp...hope there is a full house for the concert. Signed: A Bryan Bowers fan