Friday, November 05, 2004

A Little Self-Promotion

Many of you may know that New York Times Bestselling Author Audrey Penn has recently had a new book published. "Mystery at Blackbeard's Cove," an adventure novel for young people, is set on Ocracoke. I had the honor of providing a number of the book's illustrations.

Yesterday I added this delightful book to our web site. You can read about it (and order it) here: I've autographed the books, so they make an even better holiday gift.

Also, an alert reader pointed out to me that several links on our pages chronicling the restoration of my grandparents' home were not working. I have fixed those links. You can read about the most recent work, and link to earlier pages, from here:

I would be much obliged if readers would let me know whenever links on our web site are not working. Just email me at Thanks!

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  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    I came across the festival in Decatur, Indiana a couple of weeks ago. I actually had heard Molasses Creek would be playing and stayed around to take Mr. Howard's community workshop and purchase an autographed book. It is just delightful....Just wanted your readers to know.