Saturday, November 27, 2004

Such is Life on an Island

Imagine this -- you walk home near midnight from an evening out, and you notice that your car is gone. What do you do? (Think about it before you read on.)

Here's what I did tonight -- I thought, "Oh, someone must have borrowed it."

So we'll see tomorrow. No panic. No late night phone calls to the sheriff's department. No lost sleep. I'm confident it will turn up tomorrow with a good explanation. This is Ocracoke, after all.

Check back tomorrow for the update! In the meanwhile, good night.


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    OK, it wasn't me this time. I swear. I am in Khartoum after all. Or is this another Howard insurance scam.

    Hopefully see you all in a few weeks.


  2. Warner, if you were still living on the island I WOULD have panicked. In fact right now I'd be expecting to hear that my truck (yes, it's the Ford pick-up) was half sticking out of a ditch somewhere on the island, with water up to the floorboards!

    By the way, for the rest of our readers, I still haven't looked for my truck (no need to -- I don't need it just yet). Look for an update later in the day.

  3. Anonymous10:08 AM

    I just saw Ford Ranger heading West on old Route 40...what color was it anyway? Just a thought.

  4. It's brown, with a scotch bonnet on the dashboard.

  5. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Lucky for you it was red with a plastic, bobbing pirate on the dash.