Sunday, November 07, 2004

An Island Day

For those of you who wonder what we islanders do in the off-season I present my day:

Went to breakfast at the Pony Island Restaurant with Amy & David (Lachlan stayed home with grandma). Friends joined us at our table, so there were about 10 of us there. Lots of other locals there today. Vince O'Neal, owner, gives free breakfast to locals on his last day of the season.

After breakfast we biked over to the Boyette House to visit with Karen Lovejoy on her last day of work (the motel will be renovated and converted into condos this winter).

Gave the Mitchells and Sundae Horn a tour of the house I'm restoring.

Walked to Springer's Point with Pam Smith (writer & editor with North Carolina Sea Grant) & her husband Doug.

Came home and worked the rest of the afternoon wiring my new (old) house with my son-in-law, David.

I'm going out now to listen to music at the Jolly Roger with Tom Paul, new owner of Ocracoke Restoration.

Unfortunately I didn't get to the beach today. What a shame. It was a gorgeous day again. Temps in the mid 60's under clear skies. This evening, in my outdoor shower the stars were spread across the heavens in grand profusion.

Not such a bad life, I'd say.

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