Monday, November 01, 2004

Ollie Baughm Styron Mutro

Our thoughts have been with Dale and his family these last few days. You may not know Dale. He works at the Village Craftsmen, but only part-time and "in the back" unpacking and pricing inventory. For several years Dale has been the primary care giver for his Granny, Ollie Baughm Styron Mutro. Ollie died last week, at the age of 83, after years of medical problems.

The funeral was this morning in the new Assembly of God church. Ollie was remembered for her love of children and animals, and for her devotion to her family. Dale spent much of his childhood with his grandmama, listening to her tales of "old Ocracoke." A line in a poem by J.K. Bulock in the church bulletin says it best: "And in the wintertime remember me in the stories that are told."

I'm sure Ollie will live on in the many and wonderful stories that Dale carries with him, as a younger, but valuable island "tradition bearer."

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