Friday, January 14, 2005

Cold Front

What a delight to have my daughter and her family right here in the village. This morning we had a pleasant walk to the Post Office. The only downside is that Lachlan is so cute that all of the women totally ignore me whenever he is nearby! Today Agnes walked right past me, without even a hello, on a beeline to pinch Lachlan's rosy cheeks. (OK, I did tap her on the shoulder and remind her that I was also present....and I got a hug besides.)

This afternoon there was a "shift of wind" and the temperature dropped twenty degrees. It was accompanied by strong winds and heavy rain. So I guess our "Summertime in January" is finally over. Lucky for me, I've just about finished the electric wiring in the old homestead. Let's hope I can now cajole the carpenters into returning.

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